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Innovative City Logistics
The distribution solution for every city centre! No street is too narrow, no bend too sharp, no slope too steep. TRENS combines the manoeuvrability of a van with the volume of a truck. A compact and safe alternative to supplying inner cities smartly and quickly without blocking streets. Moreover, no truck driver's license is required for this very quiet solar train!

Flexible Powerhouse
Food, drink, goods, passengers or building material, TRENS transports it all. The wagon composition can change every trip. The powerful locomotive (4 x 25 kW motors, torque 10,000 Nm) easily pulls 11 tons up a 20% slope. With a loading volume of up to 41 m3 or 20 roll containers, TRENS replaces three vans or one truck per journey.

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Smart City Train from Holland
TRENS is an electric 'city train' designed in the Netherlands with a powerful locomotive that tows a series of wagons. Each wagon can carry all kinds of cargo (and even passengers). TRENS is designed for the city centre with a range of ca. 200 km and speed of up to 50 km/h.

Emission-free transport of goods
Now that cities are switching to emission-free transport, there is room for innovation. Europe's historic city centres were never designed for cars, let alone heavy trucks. TRENS Solar City Train is a compact and smart alternative to vans and trucks.

Very fast Loading/Unloading
Thanks to the steering axles, TRENS can make very sharp turns and get into the capillaries of every city. The width of only 1.85 meters and the low floor position enable fast loading/unloading without blocking streets.

Solar system Range expanded up to 8 km per hour sunlight

The canopies of the tow tractor and passenger wagons of the Solar Train are all equipped with high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells in environmentally friendly polymer-based solar panels.
In collaboration with a Dutch producer, these solar panels are designed to bring up 4000Wp per hour on a sunny day, which expands the driving range up to 8 km per hour sunlight.
The solar cells are laminated between two high-quality polymer panels. Compared to the glass solar panels, a weight reduction of as much as 60% is achieved.

Batteries Energy for 300 km

The energy pack is capable to deal with instant large and long-term energy flows, in the circumstances of uphill movements as well as when driving downhill; in the latter case to regenerate energy. The high demands regarding safety, reliability, durability and flexibility led our team to modern maintenance free Li-ion (LiFePO4) batteries with a high quality battery management system. Battery configuration based on customer-specific needs. Optional: up to 300 km driving range.

Powertrain Continuous traction for 20% slopes

The development of a power train especially designed for the Solar Train resulted in a continuous torque of 10000 Nm for a tow tractor. The powertrain is able to convey three wagons with a total of 90 passengers, either horizontally or bridging long steep slopes of up to 20%. By mounting a powerful electric motor and transmission in each wheel of the tractor, the traction is optimized and is very economical regarding energy consumption.

Comfort Air suspension and plenty of legroom

An air-sprung suspension and the special cabin construction result into spacious legroom and great comfort for passengers and driver. A level control allows the wagons to be accessible for passengers in wheelchairs while the wagons even allow standing passengers. The wagon-layout is flexible, one can choose: either a U-shaped formation, or 5 banks placed one after the other. The unique construction of the suspension results into completely flat floors in the wagons ensuring safe passageway. As the electric motors are mounted on the steerable wheels of the tow tractor, the drive shaft and differential are not needed.

Trens Solar Train - Full Frontal View
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